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F You 2021…

Well screw you 2021, you gave us two new Coronavirus variants, a bunch of nutballs in the form of anti-vaxxers and now you have taken Betty White from us on the very last day. We knew you had a trick up your sleeve, but even we didn’t expect it to be this shit. So 2022, […]

Try This One Productivity Hack for Success…

As another year ends and a new one begins, there is one thing I want to see less of in 2022. YouTube productivity videos. After being suckered into an infinite loop of productivity videos that just waste time rather than actually do as they claim to do, increase productivity, I have come to the conclusion […]

Dodging Bullets For The Captalist Cause

I dodged the COVID bullet this weekend and it was a bullet with my name on it.  After a weekend away at Christmas camp with cadets one cadet (unmasked and unvaxxed due to medical issues) tested positive for COVID-19, they were in my group for the entire weekend and while I was masked for 99% […]

Another Day on Batshit Island

IT is difficult keeping up with the latest shit show in the UK, last week Boris Johnson made Liz Truss the Foreign Secretary and thus began a series of events which will lead to the inevitable downfall of the country to hands of the ever-fickle Pork Markets. Dominic Rabb was somehow demoted and yet promoted […]


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