I’m Nicola, after graduating from university in 2001, I initially trained as a journalist and worked in the world of local newspapers for around 18 months before realising it wasn’t really for me. While I enjoyed the process of research and writing a story I was a little less keen on sitting through parish and district council meetings until nearly midnight once a week while councillors argued over the location of a dog poo bin…little did I realise that a few years later I would become one of those councillors arguing over the location of a dog poo bin!

I then entered the world of administration via the Prison Service and spent five years working various administration roles within a local prison, some might say I did more time in prison than many of the prisoners!

This introduction to the administrative world helped set me up for a number of administration roles across various industries including healthcare, agricultural engineering and, most recently the social housing maintenance sector.

I started up as a Virtual Assistant in 2022 after the unexpected death of my father, it was an event that gave me some clarity for my own life going forward as I realised I needed to follow a career path I enjoyed using my strongest skills.

A new adventure awaits….

Contact me: nicolagale.va@gmail.com