F You 2021…

F You 2021…

Well screw you 2021, you gave us two new Coronavirus variants, a bunch of nutballs in the form of anti-vaxxers and now you have taken Betty White from us on the very last day.

We knew you had a trick up your sleeve, but even we didn’t expect it to be this shit.

So 2022, how are you going to beat that one then? Chase after the Queen in her jubilee year just to keep us all guessing? Three new variants? Or are you just going for the great spectacular and blow up half of the continental Americas with a volcanic eruption from that very overdue supervolcano in Yellowstone Park? I mean we might as well go out in epic dinosaur style while we are at it.

2021 has one job, don’t be like 2020. It was right it wasn’t like 2020, it was infinitely worse! Somehow I suspect 2022 is really going to go at it in an attempt to top them both.

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