Another Day on Batshit Island

IT is difficult keeping up with the latest shit show in the UK, last week Boris Johnson made Liz Truss the Foreign Secretary and thus began a series of events which will lead to the inevitable downfall of the country to hands of the ever-fickle Pork Markets. Dominic Rabb was somehow demoted and yet promoted when he was moved to the job of Justice Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. These Tories really do believe in jobs for the boys!

Even failed Education secretary, Gavin Williamson, has once again managed to fail upwards. After being sacked from the front benches, Williamson will retire to the backbencher with a £15k pay off and a likely recommendation for a knighthood, surely the next stop will be a seat in the House of Lords and a cushy regular payment at the expense of the taxpayer, all for screwing over a generation of teenagers.

Energy companies across the UK are on the brink of collapse just as winter approaches. With at least two companies already out of the picture, a further four, including Green are on the brink. Good for the big energy companies who will now be able to increase their rates free from the constraints of a social conscious, bad for the consumers already on the brink of poverty who once their Universal Credit cut and National Insurance increase kick in will have to make a choice of which of the three of life’s luxuries they op for, it is after all really tough to choose between heating, food or a roof over your head!

Meanwhile, millionaires and billionaires can pay a quarter of a million pounds to the Conservative Party for a seat at the donor’s breakfast and gain first-party access to the Government of Great Britain AND YET STILL not be required to pay their fair share of tax. Boris Johnson reassured people this week that his meeting with Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, would see him asking Amazon to pay more tax for their UK trading operations. The only thing we can be assured of is that this is a lie and no further money will be coming from Amazon and that Bezos will continue to get rich and piss away his pocket change on vanity trips to space. Back here on earth children will continue to go hungry in a G7 country and the NHS will continue to buckle under the pressure of chronic lack of funding, staff shortages, and impossibly long waiting lists. 

When authors of dystopian novels wrote about a time where the masses on earth starved and froze to death on the streets while billionaires played in their luxury space hotels and bars that were supposed to be a warning to all, not a fucking goal to achieve!

In other news, the Government continues to suppress the freedom of speech of the majority. During the debate on the Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) bill in Parliament, Universities minister, Michelle Donelan, told the debate that imposing the duties of the bill onto the student common rooms of Oxford and Cambridge would be “necessary and overly bureaucratic”. So while the rich and entitled who already have the loudest voices in society will be able to continue to exercise their right to Freedom of Speech, students in every other higher education institution in England and Wales will be forced into a position whereby they will not be able to protest the bookings of hate speakers and other divisive speakers on campus. And thus the two-tier society continues to be created. 

Food shortages are on the cards once again as a combination of Brexit, HGV driver shortages and now a Carbon Dioxide shortage begins to bite. So even if you can afford food and heating, you won’t be able to get either anyway. 

Boris Johnson and his ministers have allegedly breached security guidance on private messaging ‘on an industrial scale’ according to a report from the Good Law Project. Ministers were advised in 2019 not to use private emails and personal communication devices for official business. Ministers including Johnson, Matt Hancock, Greg Hands, and Lord Bethall, continued to use personal devices for ‘reasons which remain unclear’. 

Lord Bethall has himself come under personal scrutiny from the Good Law Project after a warrant to seize his phone was issued which had allegedly been used in wrongdoing. Bethell, first claimed that the phone was broken, then that it had been lost. Bethell’s phone alone is alleged to contain hit is between 18,000 and 36,000 separate documents relating to COVID contracts. Remember these are the people who have our countries national security in their hands and who would have been the first to criticise Hillary Clinton for her use of a non-secure device while serving as Secretary of State. 

On the M25, climate change protesters have kept up their disruption of the road network leading the gammons of the United Kingdom to unite in incandescent rage at their journeys in gas-guzzling 4×4’s being 20 minutes longer while they await the police to unglue protestors from the carriageways. Meanwhile, the planet continues to burn while corporations carry on with business as usual rather than doing something. 

GB News this week interviewed Douglas Murray who stated that ‘The Napoleonic Wars weren’t won by immigration’. That sound you hear in the background is every historian of Napoleonic, Military, and British history banging their heads against a wall while Wellington and Nelson rapidly spin in their graves as half of their army and navy at Waterloo and Trafalgar were made up of immigrants. 

Just another chapter on Batshit Island for you.

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