Who’s Freedom Is It Anyway?!

Who’s Freedom Is It Anyway?!

Self proclaimed purveyors of free speech, GB News, have condemned presenter, Guto Harri after he ‘took the knee’ on air in support of England footballers who suffered racial abuse after the Euro 2020 finals.

In a statement release on Twitter, GB News said that it was “an unacceptable breach of our standards.”

Yes! There you have it! A news organisation which claims to be founded on the principles of freedom of speech and expression has literally shut down a contributor right to exercise said freedom of speech and expression. The fucking hypocrites!

The moment GB News was announced it was a given that it would be a buffet of bastardary for aging journalists trying to reignite a failing career, right-wing ‘commentators’ longing to be the oppressed victim and Mr G.A Mmon of Tunbridge Wells complaining that he is being silenced by ‘woke lefties’, while simultaneously shouting about it on a national news channel.

But what makes the whole Harri incident even more hilarious is that viewers in peak of righteous frenzy called for a boycott of the channel which in turn lead to zero viewer figures for large parts of the day.

The people who complain the most about cancel culture and call the left snowflakes did the most lefty snowflake thing possible and called for a boycott in a grand act of cancel culture. 

It does not stop at Guto Harri though, the right has very recent form for cancelling things they see as offensive. There is the art installation rose garden in Southend-On-Sea which local Conservative councillors had removed after they protested over the fact part of the installation described the British role in the testing of nuclear weapons on Indigenous land in Australia. The councillors reasoning for complaining, that it was “a direct far left attack on our History, our People and out Democratically Elected Government.” Yeah ok fuck the fact sacred lands of the Australian Indigenous were irradiated to hell and back, they get pressed about the fact an artist dares to bring up the subject in the first place. I also highly suspect these councillors aren’t going out of their way to support the British Nuclear Test Veterans who were subjected to these tests in the name of research and who have been time and time again denied the recognition they deserve and who have suffered both physically and mentally for the trauma they were put through and who’s families are still suffering the effects of to this day. No, that would be deemed just too woke and lefty for these councillors to support because it dares to question their entire world view of Great British exceptionalism!

Then we he the recent police raid in East London of an arts complex where police attempted to remove an art installation called ‘All Along the Watchtower’ because it was inspired by similar structures erected by Extinction Rebellion in their protest against the Murdoch printing presses. The reasoning for wanting the installation removed, because it might be used in another Extinction Rebellion protest. Problem is the installation was never used in any protest, it was simply inspired by one, and the thing took SIX WEEKS to erect, so it was hardly going to be rolled out for an impromptu protest. If you’re wondering what this has to do with the right, well it comes down to the new policing bill which can see such forms of protest being stiffed.

Freedom of Speech is not optional, you do not get to pick and choose who is rewarded with it and who is denied it just because object to what is being said.  If your freedom is to deny others their freedom then it is not freedom, that is oppression, the very thing you claim to be fighting.  Both sides need to understand this but especially the right wing as they are the ones who like to get in your face about Freedom of Speech at every possible opportunity. If you claim to support it then you have to actually do so.

As for GB News, well they have realigned their universe and brought in Nigel Far-Right as their big hitting presenter, a man who will gladly deny anyone who thinks, speaks and looks differently from him their right to freedom of speech and even their freedom to exist within 100-miles of him. He will passionately play the victim, complain about how he is the one being silenced all from his position on a national news channel and after having had over a decade of constant exposure on the BBC. But yeah, FrEEdoM oF SpEeCh innit!

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