Hancock Half Cocked

Hancock Half Cocked

After increasing pressure, including from his own party, Health Secretary, Matt Hancock has resigned. 

The resignation comes a day after The Sun newspaper published pictures of him kissing his adviser in what was deemed a ‘breach of Covid regulations’ 

In a video statement released on Twitter (June 26, 2021), Hancock said: “Those of who make these rules have got to stick by them, and that’s why I’ve got to resign.”

Look, Hancock should not be resigning over a breach of COVID social distancing regulations, many others in Government broke the rules but still remain in their job. No instead, Hancock should have resigned for his wholesale failure as Health Secretary. His overseeing of the deaths of 130,000 people, corrupt PPE contracts, an appallingly bad Track and Trace system which has once again been exposed for losing data and being run by a woman with a history of overseeing the loss of sensitive information and for being a part of a Government who is out to kill the NHS as we know it. The crime here is not that he was groping his adviser, but that he is getting away from being made answerable for his failings as a politician and Government minister.

These ‘revelations’ weren’t revelations, you knew as soon as the Cummings evidence came out in Parliament last month over Johnson’s questioning of Hancocks ability in the role that something was going to happen that would trigger a resignation or sacking. We should have seen this come coming, it was inevitable. 

And here’s something else that is inevitable, his replacement will be worse. His replacement will use the failings failings as an excuse to finally hammer the nails into the coffin of the NHS. Hancock has handed the privatisation of the NHS on a plate to the next Health Secretary and there is fuck all we can do about it. We may be celebrating now, but don’t organise the street parties yet because it will get worse. 

Hancock’s affair is a dead cat, it is designed to distract us, the real story is that Hancock has been allowed to get away with corruption, death and data loss and if he had resigned for that then the entire Government would have to stand down with him. Instead they have sacrificed the bewildered gerbil for the benefit of the rest of the cabinet.

We are well and truly fucked. 

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