Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey…they elected the Creationist

Edwin Poots, Agriculture Minister in the Northern Ireland assembly, has been elected to lead the Democratic Unionist Party after the resignation of Arlene Foster.

The MSP for the Lagan Valley beat rival, Sir Jeffery Donaldson, by two votes for the top job. Members have rushed to social media to wish him well in his new job.

Yes, Edwin Poots, a man who looks like he is ready to complain about a substandard trouser press in his hotel room.

A man who believes the earth is no more than 6,000 years old, that homosexuality is “unatural in the first instance and it’s abominable in the second instance” and that women should be charged for c-sections in order to encourage natural births. He must be a fucking delight at parties!

I wouldn’t want to be Jeffery Donaldson right now, I mean knowing out that you lost out to that must be hard on the ego.

But lets not rush to feel sorry for Donaldson, this is a man who opposed David Trimble during the Northern Ireland Peace Process and worked for Enoch Powell. Essentially the DUP were voting either for a dose of the clap or a case of thrush, either way you’ll end up with irritating cunt.

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