The 1 percent

Healthcare unions have denounced the 1 percent pay increase for NHS staff.

The recommendation by the Department for Health and Social Care to the NHS pay review body comes after a year of unprecedented pressure for the service and its workers. 

1 percent, 1 fucking percent! It’s almost as though the government have thought ‘You know what, we really fucking hate the NHS so let’s give them the minimum possible increase while still shitting on them.’ They may as well have run up to the nearest hospital and flipped the bird at the geriatric ward! 

But you know what’s worse? The arseholes supporting the government, the ones who say ‘ah yes well, soldiers haven’t had a pay rise and they haven’t complained’, you know the ones, the ones that if the pubs were open would be the ones propping up the bar shouting at anyone who will listen and who think Nigel Farage is one of the lads who’s  ‘sticking to the liberal elite!’. 

This government is relying on the pub drunk, the currently furloughed and otherwise disenchanted to keep on parroting that line, because while they do they can keep the population divided they can keep on lining their own pockets and their mates pockets as they point at the NHS and exclaim, “ooo! Look at the nurse, she’s taking all of your money! Sorry what? No I did not just give my local pub landlord £35 million for a PPE contract, now look over there, that hospital porter is daring to want to be able to afford his bills this month! How dare he! He wants to take all your money!’. It’s classic divide and conquer and we’re falling for it. 

In the meantime Boris enjoys his £200k revamped Downing Street living room which looks like a homage to an 1980s Birmingham curry house while ordering a multi million pound TV studio to pump it more Tory party propaganda as Test and Trace consultants hold meetings in private while earning £6k a day. I mean come it literally took NASA less money to get a rover to Mars than it has done to set up this ‘world beating’ Test and Trace system which is barely functioning.

And yet, they claim they cannot afford more than a 1 percent increase, you’re damn right they can’t afford it because they are busy spaffing it up against a wall!

They are corrupt, and they don’t even care that we know it because while they have a lead in the polls, no discernible opposition in parliament and people defending their shit with arguments like ‘well I haven’t had a pay rise’ they will be able to keep on going and keep on profiting from the misery of others. 

Oh and don’t expect a mass uprising soon, because you know that Policing Bill? The one that’s suddenly been thrown into the spotlight in the aftermath of the Sarah Everard vigil? Well that will give the police even more powers to crack down on protests which are deemed to be ‘causing alarm’. In short, we’re fucked.

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