Return to Work

Return to Work

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has told a rail industry conference that workers will return to their offices in ‘a few short months’

Appearing via video conference, Johnson said that he was confident that works would return to traditional working patterns once lockdown restrictions were eased.

He told the conference: “I don’t believe it. Not for a moment. In a few short months, if all goes o plan, we in the UK are going to be reopening our economy. And then believe me, the British people will be consumed one again with their desire for genuine face to face meeting that makes all the difference to the deal or whatever it is.”

Ahhh, Prime Minister, you grossly overestimate the great British public and their desire to sit for hours on end on expensive, overcrowded and sub par public transport taking them to their cramped, unventilated office spaces so that they can listen to Karen from accounts bang on about how the whole pandemic is a hoax and that the vaccination is just a way to control the populous by implanting microchips into them.

Now that the public have seen the possibilities of working from home and knowing that it is at least doable on a part time basis, they will want more of it. They will want something they have not had before, a work/life balance, a chance to be able to get to really know their families, that holiday abroad they so richly deserve for working damned hard over the past year while you, Boris, have been busy screwing around bunging PPE contracts to your mates and ignoring the fact that 120,000 of your fellow citizens have died because your mistakes!

Just because you and the likes of Goldman Sachs boss, David Solomon, have decided that new working patterns aren’t in your interests it doesn’t mean that you won’t be forced to adapt, after all if Microsoft. Facebook and Twitter can adapt then it’s as sure as hell you can, if you don’t then you will become even more irrelevant than you already are.

Stop protecting your mates, if you are the disrupter you claim to be then you will recognise that this pandemic has given you an opportunity to commit to real change. But then of course you won’t, because you aren’t a disrupter, you are simply one of the old guard who benefits from how things have always been and in this speech to industry you have once again shown that to be the case.

It’s time for change in how people are expected to work, it’s time to allow that change to happen, be at the forefront of that change, lead it and for once in your lazy arsed privileged life do something which benefits others rather than something which only benefits you.

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