Oven Ready?

As yet another Brexit deadline looms and the prospect of a No Deal seems increasingly likely, both British and EU negotiators have promised to ‘go the extra mile’ as talks continue. While Boris Johnson briefed cabinet members, telling them to prepare for a no-deal Brexit, negotiators in Brussels stepped up talks claiming that. ‘Progress has been made’.

Let’s cut to the chase shall we and be totally honest. No matter how much negotiating goes on and no matter how much the EU bends over backwards to accommodate the rantings of a walking haystack, Britain will enter 2021 with no deal because that’s exactly what the Tories want and exactly what they have been priming us for this past year. The brexiters do not want a deal because they want to play the victim, they want to play the blame game, because it is in their interest to keep the con going.

2020 hasn’t just been the year of the pandemic, it’s also been the year where the Government have been getting the British public used to the idea of crashing out of the EU with no trade deal under the guise of it being the best option for the country and what’s worse is there has been no coherent opposition to this act of sabotage. Labour have sat back and only mindly murmured a disapproval once in a while, the SNP just aren’t listened to by the English Nationalist brigade and the Greens and other pro EU small parties have been drowned out in all the shouting. The one thing Brexiters have been able to do is remain united in their dismantling of the country while the remainers have argued with one another about who’s the better, stronger remainer and completely forgotten about the people they are supposed to be fighting. 

But there is one thing we have to remember, and that is, Boris Johnson is a liar, he has built careers on lying and each time he has been fired for lying. He is a serial liar. So when he tells us he’s doing everything possible to get a deal with the EU we can be pretty much assured that he’s lying to us. Johnson’s life has been based on one continuous grift,  born into privilege, educated in exercising privilege, Johnson is unable to comprehend a single moment without holding some kind of power over others and when that power is threatened he behaves like a petulant child, he could give Trump a master class in the art of throwing the toys out of the pram when he doesn’t get his own way. 

Its horrifying to think that while Johnson, Gove, Rees-Mogg etc deprive the country of a good and lasting trade deal on equitable terms with the EU come December 31st, that there will be people, who have had no say or have not been listened to during the whole debacle, will be the ones to suffer the most. Employment opportunities will be lost, education opportunities lost and, most importantly, frictionless trade between the UK and it’s biggest market, the EU, will be lost all because of the vanity project of the minority who have the most to gain financially and politically. That should make us all angry, brexiter and remainer alike, because we have been sold a referendum of lies from the start, the lie that we will be better off without the EU, the lie that it would be easy to get trade deals with the EU and the lie that we have a competent Government to deliver it all. 

Yes, King Con Johnson has graduated to the biggest lie of them all and he isn’t even sorry.

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