Fact or Fiction?

Oliver Dowden, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, has called upon Netflix to state that its big-budget production, The Crown, is a work of fiction

“It’s a beautifully produced work of fiction. So as with other TV productions, Netflix should be very clear at the beginning it is just that”, Dowden told the Mail on Sunday. “Without this, I fear a generation of viewers who did not live through these events may mistake fiction for fact.”

First off, lets congratulate Dowden on getting on board with the idea of trigger warnings, we thought it was only snowflake lefties who asked for such things, 

But, there you have it, the very people who are critical of media studies, calling it a ‘Degree in Mickey Mouse’ and telling us it has no value in life, are now the ones complaining that a generation of viewers do not have the ability to critically evaluate a television programme and distinguish fact from fiction, the very skills media studies teaches its students. 

For years our state school education system has been dumbed down by successive governments by the removal of subjects or changing of schemes of work which encourage critical thinking. After all a dumbed down population is a population which does not question the actions of its leaders, and that makes for a quiet life while you are bilking the populous. 

In the meantime the public school sector which can define its own curriculums, outside of government control, rightly, teach their students how to speak confidently in public, critically evaluate political and philosophical ideas and question media output. You only have to look at the output on YouTube of former state school pupils who have got into Oxford telling of their culture shock to realise the educational playing field is not a level one, and what’s more, it’s never likely to be even with all the guff being spoken by Boris Johnson about ‘leveling up’. The truth is we have a government who does not believe in true leveling up because it would threaten their very existence. 

 Essentially Dowden should have cut the bullshit and said “We think the British public are stupid and we like it that way. We will tell them what to think and when to think it and we will rewrite the history to our narrative.”

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