Election 2020 – You’re Fired!

AS the US presidential election draws to a close, many are left wondering what the next four years will bring as America attempts to heal from a divisive Trump presidency.

Wow! What an election campaign it has been, if you don’t have a heart condition by now you are one of two types of people, lucky, or a Republican who didn’t have a heart in the first place.

But, it isn’t really over is it? We have a giant orange man baby throwing his toys so far out of the pram in a fit of rage that they are achieving near earth orbit, his family and advisors scuttling around in the background desperately trying to hide evidence before the new management move in, a former advisor calling for the beheading of Dr Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Wray for having the audacity to do their job and Donny junior calling for all out war in the hope that daddy will love him the same way as he loves Ivanka. If 2020 wasn’t already a steaming pile of shit, it certainly will be by December 31st.

It won’t end there, we will have another four years of Twitter tantrums, allegations and quite likely, criminal investigations as the fall out from Trumps presidency pisses down on us all from on high. To paraphrase Churchill, this is the end of the beginning.

Yet will we learn anything? The divisions in America won’t miraculously heal, they have been there for generations and have just been widened and amplified by Trump who has played a magnificent game divide and conquer from the start. Trump fans will still be out there, hanging on his every caps locked word and conspiracy theories will hang in the air like the stench of sulphur at a cut price fireworks display.

The left will continue to call the right bigots, the right will continue to call the left, leftards and neither side will be able to tell you what they stand for and will only ever tell you they are in a war against those who don’t agree with their point of view and that the other side is always wrong without knowing why.

Both sides will continue to live in their self imposed echo chambers without ever considering the possibility of listening to the other side and challenging their own preconceptions even if its just for a short while. The more insular and polarised a nation and a species become the more dangerous and likely it becomes for more people like Trump to come to the fore and take advantage of societies divisions.

But the cycle of learning nothing continues, rather than telling the people of the United States that the nation must learn from the past four years, Biden instead gives a message of ‘healing’ and moving forward to the people. How can you heal and move forward if you don’t learn the painful lessons of the past especially when you have a former President determined to keep the wounds open?

The next four years will not be easy ones, not least for those of us with our newly found heart conditions, but they will be harder if the nation fails to get to grips with its past.

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