Sage non-advice

The Government has come under fire for ignoring scientific advice and following its own Coronavirus pandemic plan.

After announcing on Monday that a three tier system will be put into place across the UK from Wednesday which will determine the levels restrictions according to severity, the minutes of a SAGE held in September was released to the media.

The minutes, dated on 21 September, show the government have only acted on one recommendation out of five, to advise those who can work from home to do so. Among the other recommendations were a ‘circuit breaker’ of a two week nationwide lockdown, all university and college lectures to take place in line unless absolutely essential and the closure of all bars, restaurants, cafes, indoor gyms and hairdressers.

So instead of being led by the science, the government has decided to go it’s own merry way and produce a plan which even its own chief medical officer has said won’t work.

But then are we surprised? We are living in a country being driven by a government which has Boris at the wheel who is steering us off the edge of a cliff and straight into a volcano. We have a barely competent gerbil running the Department for Health who is more concerned about awarding his mates PPE contracts without proper oversight and a Home Secretary who thinks asylum seekers should visit the Napoleon exile tourist trail and that if they make it as far as the English Channel in the first place they should be treated to the worlds biggest fun pool with artificial wave machine.

The chancellor thinks those in ‘unviable’ work should retrain even though their careers were perfectly viable in the first place, and the culture secretary hasn’t got a clue what advertising campaigns are being released by his department.

The education department is being run by a man who was sacked by the previous Prime Minister for being shit at his job, and has overseen the biggest cock up in exam making since, well, ever!

The government isn’t following the science, it never has and public health isn’t at the heart of everything it does, politics and profit are. They aren’t even pretending to be competent any more, they don’t have to, we handed them their 80 seat majority and now they are laughing at us for doing so.

In the meantime people are dying, not just those expected to die in any given year, but properly dying, in large numbers and the government don’t give a shit as long as they come out of it unscathed. We are living in a Britain where our own government want the ‘unviable’ dead because they don’t make them enough money and they see them as a drain on the resources of the hive mind.

We’re fucked, like really fucked. Britain is an aeroplane being piloted by Boris while it crashed into a mountain, backwards. Yet all we as the public are doing is standing gawping, not quite believing what is happening in front of our eyes while a few mumble in the background about how damed inconvenient all this is while stockpiling more toilet role and refusing to wear a mask.

Stop the world, I want to fucking get off! And put a fucking mask on!

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