Virtually Impossible

Donald Trump has ruled out taking part in a virtual debate with Presidential rival Joe Biden after testing positive and being hospitalised with Coronavirus.

Trump dismissed the proposed virtual debate structure calling them, ‘ridiculous’, and has instead decided to hold an in person rally in Florida even though he is likely to still be infectious.

Who would have thought it, the man who electioneers and announces policy in the middle of the night in a steroid fuelled rage on Twitter and revels in the celebrity that social media brings, all of a sudden decides that a virtual debate is beneath him.

It doesn’t take a stable genius to work out why he has rejected the idea, he is a man who thrives on bullying others in front of an audience, he relies on a braying crowd who want blood and he gets off on creating controversy and then sitting back and watching the ensuing shit storm.

A virtual debate would deny him all of this, he would no longer have control, he would be muted by moderators in order to allow his rival to speak and he would be held to account with that silence, so instead of growing up and growing a pair and debating like an adult, he instead decided to act like the spoilt man child he is and throw his toys out of the pram and go off to Florida to have his ego massaged by his unquestioning supporters.

As Biden found out in what is likely to be the only Presidential debate of this election campaign, debating Trump is like playing a pigeon at chess, he will strut around the place, kick over the pieces, shit all over the board and still claim victory. The bluster, the blame shifting and the overt contempt for the office of President of the United States do not matter to his supporters, all they want is to be entertained and with Trump that’s what they get. Trump is to politics what wrestling is to sport, the pretence of being something he is not all while he is taking their money and pocketing it for his own gain.

Trump doesn’t care about the office of President, he cares about how much money he can make and who he can make it off of, if that’s the American people, then that’s fine by him. So taking part in a debate really is considered insignificant in the mind of Trump regardless of how it takes place, but virtually, no he thinks that’s beneath him, because he thinks that everyone else should be silenced and not him. A virtual debate would tip the balance away from him and he would lose control, and in his mind cannot be allowed to happen.

As for the Coronavirus, it’s said to be recovering well after being infected with agent orange.

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