‘Misoginist’, ‘homophobe’ and ‘racist’. Tony Abbott appointed as British trade envoy

The government has defended the appointment of former Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, as a UK trade envoy in post Brexit Britain, citing him as an ‘expert in trade’. It comes amid allegations of homophobia, misogyny, racism and climate change denial from Mr. Abbott.

Oh, well great! Who next? Dr Harold Shipman as junior health minister, John Wayne Gacy in charge of youth affairs?! The man has literally been condemned in his own country for having outdated and unacceptable view. Australia for Christ’s sake! Australia, a country which still effectively punished those who flee to it for protection with incarnation, has condemned Abbott for his comments and kicked him out of office because they found them so unpalatable. But then this is what we have come to expect from this government, one which no longer gives a shit about keeping up a public persona and one which welcomes with open arms homophobes, misogynists and racists. Tony Abbott is all of those things in one package. Hole in one! Let’s retire to the clubhouse gents, we’ve got this one in the bag!

Britain is in the ultimate abusive relationship with this government, it keeps beating us when we are down, it keeps gaslighting us, “Back to the office you say? No, we never said such a thing, you must me imagining it.” And yet we keep on voting for them because every time they hurt us, they promise us that next time it will be different and that they love us really. Yet time and time again it happens and time and time again we keep electing them.

The appointment of Abbott just one in a long line of fuck ups by a government who no longer gives a shit because there are no consequences to their actions because we made sure of it in December when we handed them an 80-seat majority. One of the worst governments of all time was handed back power because Corbyn was an even worse option. Imagine how shit you have to be as an opposition and as a party leader for people to think that Boris is the best deal for Britain! Yes, Corbyn was that shit. As for Starmer, people complain that he isn’t providing any kind of opposition, why, why should he? Why interrupt the enemy when they are making a mistake? By doing nothing and sitting back and allowing the Tories to roll in their own shit Starmer has gained ground in the opinion poll, BY DOING NOTHING! That’s how bad the Tories are and that how much worse Corbyn was.

The row over Abbotts appointment isn’t likely to die down any time soon, well not until the inevitable U-Turn, which is likely to be sometime around Tuesday, but this one be the last cack handed appointment or policy from this bunch of inadequates, so just lie back and think of England, or Australia.  

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