Moral Duty

PRIME Minister. Boris Johnson has told parents they have a moral obligation to send their children back to school this week.

Yes, the man who had an affair while his wife was undergoing cancer treatment and who doesn’t know how many children he has is lecturing us, the British public on morality.

But then this is the kind of crap we should expect from a man and government who’s thinking is still in the Victorian age where the working classes were expected to know their place and do the bidding of their alleged betters. All this while the betters were shagging the chambermaids and then dismissing them from service for being of low moral fibre when they became pregnant, dooming them to a life of poverty and early death. There is nothing more this government loves than harking back to an age when women couldn’t vote and where children were sent up chimneys or into the factories where health and safety were concepts yet to be thought of and yet they lecture us on what’s morally right!

Since the start of the pandemic we have seen this elected shower of shit systematically fail the public in the handling of everything it touches, from allowing the Cheltenham Festival to go ahead and which has seen been seen as the primary super spreader event, to the dismantling of Public Health England in the middle of the biggest health crisis in a century and placing the leadership of the new agency into the hands of Baroness Dido Harding, a woman who was the Chief Executive of  TalkTalk at the time of a massive data breach which is still affecting millions of current and former customers today. Harding also happens to be married to Conservative MP, John Penrose, a man who also sits on the advisory board of the think tank the ‘1878’, an organization which advocates for the scrapping of the NHS in favour of an insurance-based healthcare scheme and which wants to see the scrapping of Public Health England. Well, they’re halfway there in their aims then aren’t they!

So while you and I have been out on the streets every Thursday evening applauding the NHS and they work they are doing, these utter bastards in government have been sticking the knife into the backs of every NHS and social care worker across the country. 

And then there’s the whole exams fiasco. Not wanting anyone to forget his existence, Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, also get in on the act of dickishness by trying to play down the utter balls up that was the A-Level marking only to do a now famous government move of a U-Turn and promise to grant the grades teenagers deserved in the first place and act as though he was doing them some kind of favour and that they should be grateful for his benevolence, Johnson then sticks his size 10s into the deal by blaming a ‘mutant algorithm’. Now I’m no software engineer, but the last time I checked algorithms had not become self aware and decided to turn into one of the X-Men. No it takes a programmer to deliberately write an algorithm, someone to test it and another person to approve it. Mutant algorithm my arse!

So how dare Johnson and his cabinet of delinquents lecture parents and the wider British public of morality when they haven’t the faintest idea what the word even means let alone have the ability to act with any kind of moral fibre for themselves!

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